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Gentleman Savage

Holy fuck that’s a gorgeous load being shot!  Anyone know where this is from?  What video?  This is the kind of load I love getting facials from, or creampies!  Wow…. I’m in lust.




Now that’s a mess I wouldn’t want to clean up… I’d want to go out and show it off!




If this were wallpaper, I would put it everywhere.


sexy black and white lacy panties covered in cum

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“If this were wallpaper, I would put it everywhere.” - Best comment hands down!!!




True story:  One of the hottest experiences in my life was the time my wife’s new “friend” came to town to meet us (okay, to meet her). It was only the second time she’d been with another man outside our marriage. We had dinner, drinks and then drove to his hotel (she rode in his car). I gave them a head start in the hotel elevator, then ran up the stairs and peeked around the corner to see them kissing in the hallway outside the door to his room, his hand up under her dress, hers groping his cock through his pants — she was on fire. They went into the room and I waited perhaps three minutes before using the second key to get in. When I opened the door, she was on her knees in front him, her dress off, her nipples excited, and she was hungrily sucking his big, thick meat. I took off my clothes, walked up next to them and she took on both of our cocks, sucking and licking until we both stroked our dicks to finish and came all over her beautiful tits. You should have seen the look of pure lust in her eyes!

Fifteen minutes later, he was rock hard again, lying between her legs, fucking her brains out and making her cum…


God damn everything about this is sexy.


The moment you admire your effect on me.


Now that’s some hot proximity!