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She looks happy…



I grasp your hands by the wrists and hold them behind your back as I run my other hand through your hair to take complete control of your head. I whisper my command in your ear and you nod in silent ascent of your willingness to let me use your mouth however I want. Our friend stands before you, his thick cock hovering before your eyes, a drop of precum glistening at the tip. I slowly push your head forward, making you take his shaft halfway in before I pull you back, instructing you to work your tongue around the head get it slippery wet. You’re hungry for it now, so I push you up and down on his shaft, letting you fill your mouth with his warm flesh as long as you can take it. With a gasp, I pull you off him, letting you moan as he grabs his cock and strokes himself against your lips. I tilt your head back and hold you firmly in place, demanding you open your mouth wide. Within moments, he shudders, exploding his hot cum across your lips and down your throat.


Put your camera down and get your mouth under her!!!


Gf’s creampie slowly dripping out


i dont care!! its 3am its neew year! im drunk! and very horny! i hope you enjoy these ;))) 


I think you know…




If you came home from work and found me asleep in our bedroom like this… would you divorce me?  or fuck me?

 If I cam home and found you like this, I would bury my face in your sloppy sperm soaked cunt and ass and lick it all up!!

Would lick and clean that mess up then make my own.





cum and lick me clean

 YES-I wanna slurp it clean!